Confirm entity information as they will appear on the LEI code with GLEIF
Confirm Entity information and contact info
Is a signing authority and can order a LEI code
Confirm that you are a signing authority so the transfer can be processed
How many years the LEI code should be valid for
Select how many years that LEI Service should renew your LEI code
Accept terms and conditions governing the LEI code application process
Read and accept terms and conditions
Pay and the transfer and renewal is under way!
Pay and the transfer and renewal is under way!

Transfer and LEI number renewal

Transfer and LEI number renewal

Get a LEI number renewal here

Do you already have a LEI code, but would like to transfer it and enjoy the benefits of our low LEI code costs and excellent customer service? Then you are at the right place. The transfer does not cost anything - you only pay for the LEI code renewal, for either 1, 3 or 5 years.

Transfer and renew Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) at low cost

At LEI Service you can transfer and make a Legal Entity Identifier number renewal for only 69 AUD. This is a very competitive price according to our price comparison which you can see on our pricing page. If you transfer and make a longer renewal than 1 year, you can also save some extra money.

You will never lose any prepaid period

Even if you have prepaid a LEI validity period with another supplier, it is still possible to move the LEI number to our management right away. We will make sure that you do not lose any of the prepaid period.

We can sumbit a LEI for transfer and renewal 60 days before it is no longer valid with GLEIF, meaning if your LEI number is no longer valid in 90 days we will hold your order for 30 days and then submit the transfer and renewal request on your behalf when we reach the 60 days before mark.

What is the difference between a LEI-number renewal and a ”transfer and renewal”?

If you already have a LEI number, then it will have been issued through a LOU (Local Operating Unit). LOUs are the entities that in practice issue the LEI numbers. For you to take advantage of our low LEI management prices, you will have to transfer the LEI number to the LOU we are cooperating with.

This process is 100% free for you and the LEI number will not undergo any changes – it is a purely administrative exercise that we will take care of. We are not able to renew your LEI code before it has been transferred to our partner LOU.

The transfer process can take up to 7 days - it depends entirely on your old supplier.

Remember if you have a long contract with your current LEI management company - you have to cancel that contract.


It is very easy to move the LEI number to our management. LEI Service offers this service for free. All you must do is to fill out your entity registration number and verify your information. The transfer process will take around 7 business days to complete. A transfer always takes longer to complete, this is the same for all service providers in the LEI system.

LEI Service can help with a LEI number renewal for only $79 AUD for 1 year. If you choose to renew for a longer period, you can get additional savings and save the trouble of making a renewal each year.

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